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culinary art vs managment

Culinary Management vs. Culinary Art

Culinary Management
Culinary management works behind the scenes and manages the kitchen, venue and facility. Culinary managers take care of daily tasks of dining establishments including kitchen management, working with chefs to create an array of menu options, promoting good customer relations, managing supplies in the kitchen and overseeing general upkeep of the restaurant.


Hospitality Internship Programme in USA

Vira International is a renowned name in the hospitality recruitment industry globally, with over 40 years of experience in the business. We have upheld our reputation for providing honest advice and unparalleled services.
Our Hospitality Internship Programme in USA, is a huge opportunity for all those applicants who wish not only to enhance their career but also to gain a remarkable experience in the finest properties around Read More

Dream Job

Ways That May Lead to Your Dream Job As a Chef!

Whether you have recently qualified as a chef or have been working as a chef for a few months/years, sometimes you may find yourself seeking better opportunities. Read on for tips on ways to explore various options and find the chef role best suited for you.
You can do this online or as we did in the past in the old traditional way. The internet is what comes to mind immediately and can Read More

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Our Immigration and Sponsorship Services Explained

With some of the biggest and best global companies being clients of ours, we are India’s leading international recruitment, staffing and training company. As well as offering our recruitment services across all of India’s major metropolitan areas, we also service the UK, the USA, Canada and a selection of the Gulf States. We have been established for many years in the UK in particular, and work with a wide range of businesses supplying an array of high calibre staff.< Read More


Scams Unscrupulous Employers And What You Need To Know About Tier 2 Visas And Work Permits

Whilst the majority of people going to the UK on a Tier 2 visa and work permit do so without problems, there are a significant number who have been the victim of some unscrupulous companies. This has cost some people dearly, in time, money and even having their work permit and visa withdrawn and having to leave the UK.


It’s vital that anyone who is considering going to work in the UK does so with as much knowledge as possible, enabling them to fin Read More


Why Gastro Pubs Are Looking For You?

In many countries, eating out is usually a choice between a variety of different restaurants, fast food outlets or cafes and bistros. In the UK however, there is also the pub and more recently the rise of the popular Gastro pub. Pubs were once just drinking establishments, the vast majority of pubs in the UK now offer a full food menu, and according to research carried out by food market analysts Mintel, 72% of people go to the pub to eat, with 62% just going to drink.

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5 Reasons Why Being a Chef Is A Great Career

There are lots of good jobs and careers out there, but if you love food, are creative and thrive on making people happy, there’s no better job than being a chef. In view of this, we take a look at 5 reasons why being a chef could be a career for you.


You are master of your own domain


Being a chef means you alone are master of your kitchen, and what you say goes. You are judged by each and every morsel/plat Read More


Traditional Dishes The Brits Love

Every country has its traditional dishes that they love. In India that might be; Palak Paneer, Biryani, Butter Chicken and the list goes on. It is no different here in the UK. Our researches found these traditional dishes online.


So what are yours?


Till next time,




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How Can Online Marketing Fill Your Restaurant

Here at Vira International we have a special relationship with our clients and candidates. As a recruitment company in the hospitality sector we are unique in the way that we help our clients recruit great Chefs and in many cases bring them in from abroad on a sponsorship visa.


This results in a really close working relationship. So much so last week one of the restaurant owners asked me about online marketing. As a recruiter he knows that this is a Read More

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How To Make Your Chef CV Stand Out

Having a good CV is vital if you are looking to move on in your career as a Chef; particularly if you want to move countries and experience all the opportunities that this will bring for both you and your family. It is the first thing that your potential sponsor wants to see.


It is not only a document that lists your; skills, work history, education and achievements, it is effectively a key that opens doors to new opportunities within the hospitalit Read More

J1 Internship Team

Internships in USA

Are you looking for a really fun and an extremely educational experience that will be a strong starting point for the rest of what will hopefully be... Read More