Welcome Family Members to the UK with a Dependant Visa

Living without your loved ones is hard, but Vira can assist you with this complex application

There are two ways to qualify for a dependant visa, through the Points-Based System (PBS Dependant, or the Partner Visa.)

PBS Dependant

If your partner is in the UK on a sponsored visa under Skilled Worker, Student or Temporary Worker, you may be able to join them as their PBS dependant. This visa would also apply to children under the age of 18, who do not lead an independent life.

Dependant and Family Visa

Partner of a British or Settled Person

If you are British or settled (free of immigration restrictions) in the UK, you can apply for your spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner to join you in the UK, under Appendix FM rules.

This visa is designed for your partner to join and reside with you in the UK, with a right to take up employment, and eventually qualifying to settle in the UK on the basis of your relationship.

If you are engaged to marry a British or settled person, you might be able to qualify for a fiancé visa which will enable you to apply for a partner visa after you marry from within the UK, providing you are able to satisfy all the requirements

Logistics of Dependant Visas in UK

Logistics of Dependant Visas in UK

PBS dependants can apply with or after the family member who is coming to the UK, has arrived into the country. The main requirements they must satisfy is that they must prove their relationship with the main applicant, and the maintenance requirement.

PBS dependants would have their leave granted in-line with that of the main applicant, but would have the right to take up employment as per the conditions set out on their visa.

The main criteria to qualify for the partner visa is the financial requirement which stipulates that you must earn at least £29,000 or have held savings for at least six months for the amount of £88,500.

As well as the financial requirement, those wanting to apply for this visa must also be able to satisfy the English language requirement.

An initial application for a visa as the partner of a British or settled person is granted for 30 months, which can be extended for a further 2.5 years which will lead up to gaining ILR in the UK.

Be Meticulous with Family Visa Applications

We understand that in the excitement to have your loved ones join you in the UK, you might skip some steps when it comes to handling their visa application.

Fret not, allow our immigration team to guide you in checking all major and minor requirements the process entails and filing this document intensive application for you.

To start your family members’ visa application, connect with our OISC regulated consultants today. Our team fluently speaks a range of languages and can liaison with your loved ones in a language which they will not struggle to understand, whether than be Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Greek, Albanian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bengali, Nepali, Marathi.

Be Meticulous with Family Visa Applications