Monitoring Matters – Secure a UK Sponsor Licence and Comply with Home Office Protocols

Vira International Limited helps you track and document migrant worker activity

You want to expand your workforce by hiring employees from across the world. After all, a diverse team can add a creative flair to your projects.

We understand how a diverse workforce can be a competitive advantage. However, we wouldn’t want you to throw caution to the wind and recruit a person who is not able to meet the requirements. Neither does Home Office, which is why it requires companies to monitor migrant worker activity, to make sure that your company does not fall victim to malevolence.

In fact, applications for sponsor licences in UK are rejected if they don’t highlight strategies to stop malicious incidents from occurring.


What to Consider

If you are setting out to hire overseas nationals, will want to address the following to increase your changes of being granted with a sponsor licence:

  • Preventing illegal migrant activity
  • Documenting migrant status
  • Tracking worker movement
  • Offering genuine employment

Let Us Help

Designing policies to ensure migrant worker compliance with law enforcement may be daunting. One of our consultants can assist with on or off site audits to ensure all your systems and processes are compliant.