To Be or Not To Be ‘A Licensed Points Based Sponsor’


The government has launched a nationwide marketing campaign encouraging all employers to renew their sponsor licence or apply now, in preparation of the new system. Their campaign targets employers who are yet to become sponsors, with the key messages that the way they hire from the EU is changing, and to recruit from outside the UK, they will need to be a licensed sponsor.

We remind you of the importance of renewing your current sponsor licence or applying for one if you have not done so as of yet.

Over the years, many employers (especially those in the hospitality sector) have not had a much luck in hiring from the migrant workforce given the strict rules and high salary thresholds, this has led to many licence holders deciding to allow their licence to expire as they feel they have no more use for it, however, this is all about to change on introduction of the new points-based system. The new system will replace what was previously the points-based system (PBS), this is a more streamlined and simplified system which has been designed to provide UK employers with a more effective and flexible solution for their staffing needs from around the globe.

The new system will continue to apply to non-EU nationals but will now also include EU nationals (excluding Irish nationals) who have a job offer in the UK, they will all need to apply for permission in advance.

As your trusted immigration advisor, Vira International want to ensure that you understand the importance of the new system and we are therefore happy to have a call to discuss your needs with you. We urge you not to let your licence expire or leave it to the last minute to apply, let us prepare you so you are ready and compliant from 1 January 2021.

Below is a list of eligible jobs which will qualify for sponsorship, if there are any positions you have a mind which are not listed in the attachment, contact us to check if it is eligible.

PositionSalary based on 39-hoursSalary based on 40-hoursSalary based on 45-hoursSalary based on 48-hours
Chefs – chef, chef manager, Head Chef, Pastry Chef, Sous, Chef, Indian Chef£25,600£26,249.60£29,530.80£31,499.52
Catering & Bar Managers – Bar manager, Catering Manager, Floor Manager (Restaurant), Kitchen Manager, Steward (Club) £25,600£26,249.60£29,530.80£31,499.52
Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietors – Café owner, Operations manager (catering), Restaurant manager, Shop manager (take-away food shop)£25,600£26,249.60£29,530.80£31,499.52

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