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British companies are always looking for fresh new talent to fill their ranks. Sometimes, for certain positions, business leaders are not able to find suitable candidates within the UK. Thus, they venture out and expand their search to include prospective migrant workers.

UKVI Protocols

If you can relate to this scenario and want to recruit EU and non-EU nationals for your workplace, note that UK immigration laws require adherence to strict sponsorship and compliance protocols.

For starters, you must prove that you can provide genuine employment to your recruits. Sponsor licences for UK companies are about to become an obligation in the near future, and securing these necessitates you have appropriate migrant worker monitoring and regulation strategies in place.

Managing your responsibilities as a sponsor through sponsor management systems is also crucial in bringing overseas workers aboard. Additionally, you must be prepared for UKVI’s surprise audits which are aimed at ensuring that your migrant employees’ activities are aligned with the law.

Sponsorship and Compliance

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