5 Major Challenges of Pursuing a Hospitality Internship Abroad


The idea of getting a hospitality internship abroad is quite appealing; an engagement that any graduate or worker would fancy. However, the excitement that comes with the news of a successful application tends to cloud the inevitable challenges that one is bound to encounter. While most international hospitality entities have excellent policies on how they deal with interns in a bid to make them comfortable, challenges are still a ship in the offing. Some of the challenges that you should expect interning abroad could include the following:


hospitality internship abroad


Time differences

Moving abroad, you might find yourself several hours ahead of your family and friends back at home. It might not be a big challenge, but can make communication with your loved ones back home disjointed. Disjointed communication is a recipe for worries in both ends, and it is upon you to find the time to reach out.


Different weather conditions

Your internship destination might have different weather conditions from home. There’s every chance they could be totally different to home and adjusting may be a tough call if you are used to warm tropical weather. Nevertheless, after several weeks, you are bound to become acclimatised.




Cultural differences

The way of life abroad could be different from home, and a cultural shock challenge cannot be ruled out. You might experience behavioural traits from the residents of your interning destination that may be unusual and even unacceptable back at home. You might not adapt to them based on your cultural stance, but you have to put up with them to blend in without conflict and for the purpose of flourishing in your career.


Communication challenges

Communication is among the critical skills you are expected to master in the hospitality industry. Interning abroad, this could pose a problem since people from different backgrounds tend to adapt to unique methods of communication – not just when it comes to language, but also in organisational communication. It calls for extra efforts for you to master the communication patterns of the organisation in which you are working.


Swerved expectations

There is a high likelihood that what you expected of interning abroad is different from what you find. This could be a heart-breaker that may knock you off your career path. If interning abroad is not the heaven you viewed it to be, it is upon you to be patient, persevere, and focus entirely on your initial goals. More importantly, do not cower in the face of challenges: approach your supervisors whenever you need help.


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