Unleash Global Talent: Facilitate Temporary Staff Transfers to the UK

The Global Business Mobility (GBM) program offers five streamlined routes for temporary staff transfers, giving you the flexibility to access the expertise you need.

Here's how GBM can empower your business

  1. Senior & Specialist Workers: Move senior managers or specialists from your overseas entity to a linked UK business for temporary assignments.
  2. Graduate Trainees: Integrate high-potential graduates from your overseas operations into the UK workforce through structured training placements.
  3. UK Expansion Workers: Staff your UK expansion with senior managers or specialists from your overseas entity for a seamless launch.
  4. Service Suppliers: Engage overseas service providers or independent professionals for projects covered by current or provisional UK trade agreements.
  5. Secondment Workers: Deploy key personnel to the UK as part of high-value contracts or investments secured by your overseas company.
Types of Intra Company Transfers
Intra company transfers

With GBM, you can

  • Bridge talent gaps: Access the specific skills and experience you need, when you need them.
  • Boost business continuity: Ensure smooth operations with temporary staff transfers during critical periods.
  • Foster global collaboration: Harness the combined expertise of your international teams.

Unlock the full potential of your global workforce. Explore the GBM program to find the perfect fit for your temporary staffing needs in the UK.

Email UKTeam@vira.co.uk today to understand your options.