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4 Reasons to Teach in the USA, and How the Experience Will Benefit You

Are you interested in developing both the professional and personal sides of your life? Are you looking for diverse environments, new experiences and a different culture? If you answered yes to either, or both, of these questions, then teaching in the USA is right for you.


Teaching overseas is an excellent opportunity which can help you gain professional experience while developing yourself personally Read More


Why should you begin teaching in the USA?

Thinking of taking your teaching skills elsewhere? The American Bureau of Lab our Statistics ( predicts that both special educational and K-12 teaching (Kindergarten through to 12th grade) will have increased by 8% by 2026, with an additional 76,800 jobs Read More


Why is an internship the best route for me?

We understand that, of course, with any major life decision you want to be absolutely sure that the choice you are making is the right one for you. Making the bold move to strike out and become an intern in the UK or the US is no different. To help assuage any doubts you may have, here are just a few of the many reasons why an internship is the best route to get you to where you want to be.

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Is Your CV Ready for the J-1 Program?

Understandably, there's a lot of competition to get jobs and internships in the US that qualify you for a visa under the J-1 program.


Spending time in America developing your professional skills and wider education can be a golden opportunity. It can also be the start of a career that enables you to work anywhere in the world.

It all hinges on finding an employer willing to validate Read More

J-1 Chef Spices Up Cape Cod!

J-1 Chef Spices Up Cape Cod!

As an American who grew up spending every few summers watching the sunset on Martha's Vineyard while digging into a seafood sandwich of some sort, I can successfully say that a J-1 trainee bringing something as different as Indian food to this Massachusetts island on the East Coast of the USA is no small feat.        


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The USA is a vast and highly diverse country

Are you eager to experience American culture? The J-1 Program is your ticket abroad!

The USA is a vast and highly diverse country, making it a magnet for young people eager for adventure and enrichment.


Getting over to America might seem like an impossible dream, but thanks to the J-1 Program it can be an exciting reality for those who qualify.

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How the J-1 Program will change your career path

If you are looking to try a life-changing experience, have you ever considered enrolling in the J-1 program? This opportunity will allow you to become an intern at an established US business to gain practical experience in the academic field of your choice. Job roles vary in sectors such as the arts, business, law and marketing, so there is truly something for everyone.


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Why Culinary Training in the USA Should Be Your Next Move

Why Culinary Training in the USA Should Be Your Next Move

For anyone hoping to climb the culinary ladder, there are plenty of obvious places you might think of to complete your training. Everyone wants to go to London to learn fine dining and Tokyo to learn a new way to approach ingredients. However, if you are serious about developing your skills in any part of the culinary arts then the United States should be at the top of your list of places to train. It's become a hub for Read More

5 Reasons Why a Training Experience at Soho House New York Will Sky-Rocket Your Career

5 Reasons Why a Training Experience at Soho House New York Will Sky-Rocket Your Career

Soho House was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members' club for those in the creative industries to share ideas, comfort, and workspace. Soho House has since expanded to include locations across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels.


Soho House New York is in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. Covering six floors, it is built over 45,000 square feet of an old warehouse buildin Read More


Looking to Study in the U.S.? Go Campus Is Your Golden Ticket

Studying in the U.S. is a dream come true, but financing such a trip can be a hurdle. Vira International has joined hands with one of America’s most renowned campus scholarship assistance companies, Go Campus, to offer you scholarship solutions. Now you can combine the life changing experience of studying at a U.S. campus and the professional benefits of having a globally recognized degree. The best part is that your unique talents and background may help you boost your CV with internationa Read More

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Internships in USA

Are you looking for a really fun and an extremely educational experience that will be a strong starting point for the rest of what will hopefully be... Read More