In Light of the New Points-Based System (PBS)

What can migrants expect when applying for a skilled worker visas?

If you are looking to employ staff who are from overseas or in the UK on a time limited visa, it’s time to perfect your understanding of the UK immigration system which will allow you to employ them.

For a person to qualify for sponsorship on a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK, they will need to have:

  • A job offer from a company which holds a valid and A-rated Sponsor Licence
  • An offer of employment at RQF Level 3 or above (equivalent to a UK A-level)
  • The ability to meet the English language requirements, by either:
    • be from a majority English speaking country; or
    • completing a valid and recognised English Language test at B1 level or above; or
    • hold a degree taught in English which is equivalent to a UK Bachelors degree or above, accompanied by an ECCTIS assessment.
  • A salary which meets or exceeds all of the following:
    • General threshold of £38,700 per annum;
    • Hourly Rate equates to at least £15.88; and
    • Salary meets the going rate for the Skilled Occupation Code which they are being sponsored under.
Tier 2 visas

As a newcomer, delving into issues of immigration for the first time, these requirements might not make sense to you. There is no need to worry because Vira International is here to help.

Our OISC regulated consultants excel in the Skilled Worker Visa, and they can help you gauge whether the migrant workers you wish to hire meets the necessary conditions for entry into the UK.

We can also communicate directly with the applicants on your behalf to take the stress off your shoulders. Contact us today to start the process.