Tips for Securing a Hospitality Internship After Covid-19


With the Covid-19 pandemic taking a major toll on the job market, the hospitality industry has undergone some drastic changes. There is a lot of question as to what the rebounding hospitality will look like, and the best ways people may be able to secure an internship once the pandemic has eased.

If you’re looking to secure an internship abroad, it is expected that the markets with strong domestic tourism are the ones likely to recover the fastest. This includes tourism in countries such as Italy, France, Germany and the UK. Although you may have aspired to secure an internship further afield, due to the current climate across the world, it may be a good idea to rethink where the best opportunities will be in the near future. Here we discuss some tips that should help if you are looking to secure an internship in the hospitality industry after Covid-19:

Patience is a virtue
While the hospitality industry is working on getting back on its feet, we can’t promise that you’ll be presented with endless opportunities straight away. Limited opportunities also mean more competition, so it ends up being harder to succeed in getting the jobs that are currently out there. Be reassured in the fact that everyone in the world is suffering from this same issue, and securing an internship may just take more patience than it normally would. Don’t give up on your hospitality dreams, and don’t take rejections as setbacks. While the pace of hiring has certainly decreased, this doesn’t mean that the industry has come to a standstill. It’s simply a case of readjusting your expectations to avoid getting despondent and frustrated. The industry needs new people in order to recover, and there’s no reason why you can’t be part of these numbers with the right effort and attitude.

Build a network
We recommend that you use any extra time to start building up a network. The one blessing of the Covid-19 pandemic is that people have found the time to do things that would otherwise never have been done. Before the hospitality industry makes a full rebound, your network is where you should be investing your time. The more contacts you have, the higher chance you’ll have of securing an internship. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from other people. For more information on hospitality internships, contact Vira International.

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