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  •   Mar 2017
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10 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

Every team needs a fearless leader to help them grow and to push them to be the best that they can be. But starting a business and leading a group of people require very different skills. Being a leader in your company means everything from keeping your employees happy, to making sure that everyone is doing their part, to sometimes having to deal with difficult situations. Become an effective business leader and inspire your team with these tops tips:

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  •   Feb 2017
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3 of the Best Family Friendly Restaurants in London!

Looking for a place to eat? Or perhaps, just curious as to what the top restaurants in London are. Nevertheless, feast your eyes upon the goodness of what our list has to offer, and why not head down to one if you ever find yourself roaming around the big city.


1) Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas is a restaurant that lives for food and flawlessly manages to bring it alive with an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy. They unload boxes of top-quality, fre Read More

  •   Feb 2017
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Benefits of Working in the Hospitality Industry

It’s safe to say that you’re considering beginning a career in the hospitality industry. Provided that this is true, you can congratulate yourself for making an extremely wise decision.


In spite of the fact that it takes diligent work to get into this field and succeed, there are is a considerable measure of incredible things that accompany going into this industry. How about we take a gander at six particular advantages to see precisely why a career in hospitality is s Read More

  •   Jan 2017
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Best Food

5 Of The World’s Rarest Foods

There’s nothing as popular world-wide as good food. Some people aren’t really interested in fancy clothes, fast cars, while others don’t like high-brow art films. Some people are content with the standard version.


Food, however, is at least in our opinion, an exception to that rule. Everyone loves good food! Whilst the factors that determine whether a dish is “tasty” or not is most definitely subjective, there’s no doubt that given the selection between good foo Read More

  •   Jan 2017
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J1 Internship

How can J1-Internship help you expand your hospitality knowledge

Either during the course of a program or upon its completion, most awarding bodies enforce rules that make it mandatory for students to do an Internship. These Internships are a crucial element of a student successfully completing his/her degree or diploma.

So what’s a “J-1” Internship?

J-1 Internship is the Internship program that aims to give foreign students Read More

  •   Jan 2017
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j1 visa

If You Love to Work & Travel, You’ll Love the J-1 Internship!

What is a J1 visa?


The J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. to participate in exchange programs which promote the sharing of knowledge and skills in education, arts and sciences. A J-1 visa holder is allowed to train with a Host Company approved by a Department of State designated Sponsor.


The main aim of J1 Visa is connecting young student and graduates with US businesses, to learn their practi Read More

  •   Jan 2017
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5 Benefits of Going on a J-1 Internship to USA?

Who can be a J1 Visitor?


The J-1 visa exchange visitor program is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, to obtain medical or business training within the U.S. Visitors on J-1 visas include Hospitality interns as well as trainees, secondary school and college students, business trainees, trainees in flight aviation programs, teachers of primary and secondary school, college prof Read More

  •   Dec 2016
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EEA Nationals – UK Citizenship

Many European Economic Area (EEA) nationals currently living and working in the UK will be concerned about their future after the ouster of UK from the European Union due to Brexit. However, it will take some time for the UK to formally leave the European Union. EEA Nationals are not sure of the outcome and regulations which will be in place once the Brexit is formally implemented. Until such time, EEA Nationals in the UK can continue to exercise their free movement rights by living and worki Read More

  •   Dec 2016
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How To Decide When To Apply For UK Permanent Residency?

Getting “Indefinite Leave to Remain” as an immigration status is a significant achievement for people wishing to stay in the UK. It is the permission to settle in the UK after you have been legally residing in the UK for a stipulated amount of time. Your right to apply for settlement will depend on your current immigration category.


You must meet all the criteria of the Immigration Rules at the time of making your application. Please note that the Immigration Rules are Read More

  •   Nov 2016
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Recruitment Agencies and How They Help You

Recruitment Agencies and How They Help You

The popularity of aspiring job candidates relying on the specialized services of Recruitment Agencies to evaluate, support, guide and optimally place them with an employer of choice has witnessed a steady global increase over the past years.


Perfectly adapted to the binary roles of hiring specialist and placement professional rolled into one, a Recruitment Agency is the cleverest, cost effective and most successful option available to the global workforce of freshers, i Read More

J1 Internship Team

Internships in USA

Are you looking for a really fun and an extremely educational experience that will be a strong starting point for the rest of what will hopefully be... Read More