The faces of Vira International: Haleema’s Journey


“Due to the extensive amount of work, particularly reading, a law degree is one of the most difficult degrees in the UK”.

In 2018, one of Vira’s own embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Haleema, now with three young children, decided to apply to the University of Law to achieve her LLB!

This was not the first time Haleema applied for this degree. Having completed her A Levels in law over a decade ago, and getting excellent results, she was set on establishing her career in the field. Sadly, due to the sudden death of her father and her mother’s declining mental health, Haleema decided to put her career on hold and secure a full-time job to support her mother and family.

There were many times during her employment she came across aspects of law she had covered during her A Levels that made her think – ‘’what if’’? What if she had chosen to go to university instead? Despite this, she continued to work hard, to be there for her mother and her family, keeping her dreams and aspirations aside.

Then, in 2018, Haleema experienced another tough year losing two close family members and battling with her own mental health. One night she found herself deep in her thoughts whilst feeding her two-month-old. Haleema began to think about her past ambition to study law at university, and the pride she and her parents would feel if she chose to pursue this goal. It was then that she decided to apply to the University of Law for her LLB.

Many thoughts crossed her mind; how would she manage to take care of two pre-schoolers and a newborn child? She was in a constant battle with this for the remainder of that week. Everything changed in an instant when on Friday afternoon, the University of Law called for her interview. By the end of the call, Heleema had been accepted onto their LLB programme and as ecstatic as she was, she was unsure as to how she would manage.

Through all her thoughts and struggles, she began her first year of university with great enthusiasm. The year came with its difficulties; late nights, early mornings, and dropping children off with childminders. Now that her mother was in a healthier place, she did everything in her power to accommodate Haleema with her degree and achieve her dreams. For the remainder of her degree, Haleema pushed through with all her strength with the help of her mother.

As we now approach November, Haleema has made it. Despite the odds that were stacked against her, Haleema has completed her degree and will be graduating this autumn. She is incredibly proud of herself for getting to the finishing line. Not just for herself, but for all the women out there, the mothers, the daughters and all those battling to break the taboos in society.

Then in July, 2023 as she got offered at a place she had in heart for a long time. Vira.

En-route back as she was travelling along the A406 she got the call to say she had been offered the job. She had 4 days to pack and leave her heart back in Essex to make a fresh start with Vira.

Now as she celebrates her one year with Vira, she looks back at how this was her father’s dream all along. For her to give back. And what better company than Vira. She has thoroughly enjoyed the past year working with Vira. She is surrounded by powerful women from an empowering Director to the most supportive and encouraging manager, Amisha. And all her colleagues. Vira has allowed her to present exciting challenges that allow her to use her interests in and experience with growing sustainability efforts. It excites Haleema to be working for one of the best companies and looks forward to thriving with this company and growing far ahead with them.

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