Statement of changes from the Home Office: New salaries w.e.f 12th April 2023


The Home Office has released their statement of changes, due to take effect from 12 April 2023.

The statement has confirmed that the threshold salaries for Skilled Workers will increase as follows:

  • The General Threshold will be £26,200, which sees an increase of £600 from the previous threshold of £25,600.
  • The hourly rate that all migrant workers need to be paid must equate to at least £10.75 per hour. This has been increased from £10.10 per hour.

Please see below the table which lists the Skilled Occupation Codes (SoC) and their corresponding new salary thresholds. We have calculated what employers will be expected to pay migrant workers based on 45 and 48 hour working weeks.

Skilled Occupation CodeMinimum Hourly Rate for Skilled Workers45-hours per week48-hours per week
1221 Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors£11.18£26,200£27,905.28
1223 Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietors£10.75£26,200£26,832
5432 Bakers and flour confectioners£10.75£26,200£26,832
5434 Chefs£10.75£26,200£26,832
5436 Catering and bar managers£10.75£26,200£26,832


All applications going forward will need to be processed at the rates provided above.

Please note that the Home Office expects employers to pay migrants whichever threshold amount is higher.

Should you have any questions regarding this email please feel free to contact our immigration advisors at ukteam@vira.co.uk or 020 88635 811.

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