Honing HR Systems to Comply with Home Office Protocols

Securing a sponsor licence in the UK gives you the freedom to recruit overseas citizens for your dynamic workforce.

At the same time, you can expect Home Office to carry out unannounced, audits of your HR systems to ensure that your company comply Home Office compliance protocols.

Audit Components

During these audits, the Home Office can:

  1. Review your HR processes, which must comply with the law and align with your responsibilities as a sponsor
  2. Investigate your legal obligations and efforts to prevent illegal migrant activities from occurring at your workplace
  3. Interview your staff

Vira Works with You

Although they can be anxiety-inducing, visits by UKVI are nothing to fear when you are equipped with a stellar HR system.

With the top immigration consultants in London working with you, Vira can help hone your HR processes and upgrade them to a high-class rating.

Contact us today and benefit from complete on or off-site HR training, provided by our OISC regulated team of experts and a system that complies with UKVI requirements to ensure that you stay on top of your duties as a sponsor.