Store Manager (Pizza Delivery Brand)


Store Manager

Role Purpose

To be the accountable officer responsible for the efficient and profitable running of a store in line with Pizza Delivery standards. To manage the resources of the store including staff, stock, product quality, marketing initiatives, sales targets and financial management to increase unit sales and capitalise on sales opportunities.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

Customer Service & Sales Generation

Accountable for the level of customer service offered by the store including complaints.

Maintenance of brand image and service standards including uniform/presentation standards and our philosophy on customer service is paramount in our service levels.

Train and develop all staff to ensure they have the knowledge and skill to provide high level service in all aspects of their work.

Food Hygiene

Ensuring staff are properly and adequately trained in a timely manner before being charged with food handling tasks.

Managing all aspects of food hygiene ensuring all staff adhere to the requirements and standards laid down by DPG and the authorities for food handlers.

Maintain and manage HACCP.

Manage store cleanliness.

Cash Handling

Training all staff in handling cash and card transactions.

Ensuring the till is skimmed in line with standards.

Securing all cash within the store to minimise theft and ensure cash balances at the end of shift.

Ensure banking procedures are adhered to and all bank deposits accurately recorded.


Maintaining and developing product quality in line with standards.

Promoting HTA within the store to achieve service standards in line with expectations.

Monitor and control quality of product by observation providing feedback and taking preventative measures where appropriate to ensure consistency of product.

Scheduling sufficient numbers of staff according to expected business generation to ensure smooth running of the store.

Safety and Security

Maintain in store crew safety by ensuring all safety drills and practices are properly enforced.

Spot check that security call backs are made for new or suspicious customers.

Report all hazards where necessary.

Conduct risk assessments for store in line with H&S requirements

Conduct risk assessments for staff as and when required particularly in respect of new and expectant mothers.

Teamwork/People Management

Increase sales, by local store marketing and community involvement ensuring the team are directed and involved in external initiatives.

Lead in the operation of the store in all aspects, which will include undertaking duties that might not normally be considered part of the role e.g. distributing leaflets as part of the local store marketing campaigns.

Develop store team to multi skill across the store to maximise skills within the store.

Provide feedback to team on progress against targets, quality and customer service for the store overall and during shift to ensure that staff know what is expected of them.

Provide clear instruction to staff on areas for development for the store, or particular sales initiatives so that everyone can participate and contribute.

Where staff behaviours, skills or knowledge fall below expectations, that appropriate corrective action is taken where necessary including invoking disciplinary measures if appropriate.

Managing employee grievances in line with policy and procedure.

Recruit new employees to maintain resource levels to ensure rota can be maintained.

Issue all required documentation on recruitment to ensure compliance the legislative requirements, including contracts of employment, handbooks and company policies.

Ensure all induction training is conducted to ensure new recruits are able to contribute to the work of the team quickly and that they are informed of the basic housekeeping requirements and company policies on joining.

Conduct appraisals with team setting objectives and follow up on progress achieved.

Conducting a monthly check on all employee paperwork to ensure compliance with insurance and UKVI requirements

Key Skills, knowledge and experience

Ability to build sales and business relationships and manage people fairly

Ability to disperse conflict quickly with satisfactory outcomes

Ability to make decisions whilst under pressure during busy periods

Ability to manage time effectively to ensure store operational tasks are achieved

Ability to motivate and drive a team to deliver outrageous results

Ability to respond favourably to change

Knowledge of the industry, and in particular Pizza delivery relentless standards included in the Operations Audit, to enable the store to maintain high standards.

Previous management experience is essential with qualifications in NVQ level 3 or equivalent preferable. Qualifications in QA or H&S disciplines would be an advantage as would previous experience of working within a casual dining environment.

Previous experience of managing people and compliance with people management legislation to ensure decisions that are made in relation to people issues always comply with the law are essential.

Key Working Relationships



Local Community


External enforcement agencies


Border and immigration control agency

Health and safety inspectorate

Environmental Health Agency

Scope of Role

Staff Numbers – variable

Vehicles – variable

Budget – variable

Float – variable

Banking – up to £xyz

Makes decisions on stock control including disposing of out of date food, replenishment of stock levels, food rotation. Stock value = variable

Makes decisions on vehicle road worthiness and maintenance thereof. Fleet value = variable

Directs and controls staff. Makes decisions on matters of discipline, including investigations and conducting meetings. Has(/does not have) authority to conduct a dismissal if necessary.

Additional relevant information

Particular difficult aspects of the role include: –

Handling violent or aggressive customers late at night

Dealing with violence towards staff when away from the store on delivery

Managing staff safety in “high risk” residential areas

This role profile is not exhaustive and provides a general overview of the scope of the role. Such duties from time to time may be amended by the Company and from time to time job holders will be required to undertake other duties as necessary to meet the needs of the business.

What we are looking for

Minimum 3-4 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in a similar setting.

Excellent team player

Good Interpersonal skills

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