Why We Love Internships (And You Should, Too!)


For an accomplished learner, gaining knowledge from books and allied resources is only partial learning. The most important part of learning is imparted only through internship which makes the student ready for a job. It is not at all easy to co-relate the learning of classrooms with real life situations at the workplace and use it for productive purposes. 


The workplace is so different from classrooms that unless an individual can get familiar with it so as to feel comfortable in the environment; they will never be possible to deliver what is expected from him or her.




An Internship is like learning to swim where one learns to stay afloat. It is this special aspect that makes an internship so attractive to students who want to leave no gap in their process of learning that can make them ready for taking up future jobs.


Get The First Feel


How a workplace looks and what it is all about is what an intern can expect to learn when he gets an opportunity of job internship. Passing out from colleges have only made them half ready to take off in their careers, with the other half of learning being completed through internship.




During this time of working in a professional environment they gain valuable experience that makes them ready to take up jobs that they can handle without any difficulties.  Internship allows a micro view of the workplace where all finer details of smooth working become visible and interns learn how to position themselves in the most appropriate way to accomplish the tasks.


Gathering Experience


The learning ground of internships is an attractive place for interns who are excited to discover and learn new things every day. They become aware about the importance of human relationship in accomplishing tasks, learn about team work and leadership, and come to know about the ways to motivate self and also motivate others, get exposed to the methods of meeting deadlines and all such varied techniques that constitute the business process.




Since interns are not linked to the productivity chain, they can take a close look at the process without feeling the stress of meeting targets and deadlines.


Comparing & Learning


Gaining hands on knowledge and experience about the work that they are assigned is perhaps one of the most important benefits for interns.  Being able to witness the business process from close quarters, they are can co-relate their classroom learning with real life situations and identify the gaps that have to be plugged with sensible decisions that are to be taken at the spot. Internship can make people street-smart that give them a cutting edge in their career.




A stint of internship provides the perfect launching pad for the career. During the internship, there is enough scope for self-assessment and development that help people to have a new look at the ways they present themselves to employers. It is for sure that on completion of the internship, interns become more job-worthy.


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