Why USA is the ideal place for your Industrial Training/Internship?


America, The US, the land of the free, ‘Murica… this incredible nation has long fascinated us. Famous for its stars and stripes, TV shows, amazing locations, cuisine, Hollywood, the famously infamous Western Culture. So does that mean if this nation has it all to be worth visiting for your stepping stone of your career? Your highly anticipated Industrial Training!


So, let’s go through some specific benefits on the J1 program in the U.S.?


1. Advanced skills in your industry:

Advanced skills in your industry


The United States is an entrepreneurial dynamo, which means that the trends for many industries are set here and the hospitality industry is no exceptional. If you want to learn the state-of-the-art, most cutting-edge techniques and work with professionals at the top of their game, the U.S. is the best place to do that. You can have professional experiences here you can’t have anywhere else. According to statistics of 2016, travellers spent more than $293 billion on accommodations. This sector supports more than 3.4 million U.S. jobs meanwhile travellers spent $227 billion on food services in 2016, supporting almost 2 million U.S. jobs. Most of the major hospitality companies like


Four Seasons and Hilton, all have their headquarters in the US or have a strong corporate presence in the US. Over all big names of the hospitality industry worldwide recruit from hospitality schools of North America. Hospitality programs in the US (J1 Visa) offer international students the opportunity to learn how to handle being a manager in this dynamic and growing industry.


US is the chief site of innovation in the hospitality industry. Several restaurant and hotel chains originated in US and now have expanded worldwide. Moreover, the US hospitality colleges are rated among the best in the world.


2. The Land of Business Moghuls…. The great American business culture:

The Land of Business Moghuls…. The great American business culture


You can’t raise a doubt for place for its business innovations especially when it has given the world the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump (Yes!) and the list of influencers is endless. Also, luxury brands like Hilton, Marriot, Radisson, Intercontinental, L’Auberge, Four Seasons form a dominant force in the world of Hospitality also hails from the United States. Apart from dominating the list of riches these all have created a legacy from themselves for the world to follow. And one of the explanations why the U.S. is a trendsetter in many industries is because of the unique business culture & ethics that inspires innovation. Interns often comment on the inspirational environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, and they tell us they intend to continue using these techniques as they progress in their careers.


3. English language and intercultural communication

English language and intercultural communication


Strong Communication skills is one of the most vital factors of your career growth. Also Working and learning in an English-language atmosphere is a significant aspect of your internship program, as it is the universal language of many industries. However, the language itself is not enough. Learning widespread American standards and American cultural skills will make you stand out and truly ready to engage in the global sphere.


4. Personal Growth

Personal Growth


Some of the important things you will learn throughout the duration of your program may not show up on your resume, but simply living overseas and exploring new cultures, matures you in many aspects of your life no matter where life takes you in the future. According to a study people that choose to travel away from home, and work in a culture different to their own, were found to be more far more confident than those who did not.


5. FOOD! A culture on its own

FOOD! A culture on its own


American food, a cuisine and a culture on it own. It is often said that you could travel the States with a blindfold on and know where you are just from the food. Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, deep dish pizza in Chicago, doughnuts and a cup of joe in NY, fresh fish tacos in New Mexico. Working in hospitality industry will also give you exposure to learn the traits of learning the art of making these world-famous delicacies.


6. J1…Your route to success.

J1…Your route to success


The J1 visa is primarily for foreign nationals travelling to USA for purposes such as an internship, scholarly research, or work and travel during school vacation time. All J1 Visitors are required to depart from the USA on completion of tehri program. It is important to know that it’s not very easy to get a J1 visa for the United States of America (USA) but with the right guidance and proper training, this is very much within reach. The US department of state issues the J1 visa to promote cultural exchange thus, all the candidates or applicants applying for this visa category should meet certain criteria. Once you have completed your Internship in the US, you will not only return home with a broad in-depth knowledge in your professional area, but chances are also high that you will end up with a higher portfolio with better perks.


Fast-track your career! Enjoy the USA J1 Exchange Visitor program! If you wish to know more you can visit us at www.vira.co.uk or mail us at anjum@vira.co.uk

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