Why hiring from India could benefit your UK business?


Any business can benefit from hiring competent and committed staff from India who are seeking new career opportunities. Though the process and legislation may make this seem off putting, it needn’t be difficult.                


The benefits of hiring workers from India

The benefits of hiring workers from India

There are numerous skilled and semi-skilled workers who are keen to work in the UK. When you hire or offer an internship to a foreign worker from India you can be confident that they will have a high commitment to the role. Choosing to come to the UK is a big decision that is not taken lightly and finding the most appropriate opportunity is very important to both the worker and the company offering internships or a job. To this extent, before placing an individual, we will make sure that a complete understanding of what they are seeking, with regards to long term employment opportunities, has been thoroughly discussed. When you hire a worker from India, you be can be reassured that you will have access to dedicated workers that want to advance in their chosen role and are willing to give 100% to their internship or position.



Skills available

Indian hospitality and the quality of their hotel industry is now globally recognised as some of the best on offer in the world. With many individuals wanting to come to the UK to further their career opportunities India is an ideal country from which to source experienced and qualified staff.


A few of the roles we can assist with include, however, are in no way limited to:

  • Chefs with specialist knowledge of specific types of cuisine
  • Managerial positions


Using an international recruitment agency

Using an international recruitment agency

Sourcing highly skilled workers can be an arduous process – how do you know that the individual is being honest about their qualifications and experience if they are from another country? This is where using an international recruitment agency makes the process easy and reliable; you can be reassured every worker you employ has had thorough background checks and can be certain that they are suitable for the role they will be in when they come to the UK.


This is especially important in the hospitality industry when your employees are involved in direct customer service roles or in restaurants that need specialist chefs and staff. Agencies will also be able to advise of the type of clientele they work with already, which is an excellent way to measure the quality of the staff they have access to.


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