Why Engage a Food Service Consultant


These days, guests frequent new restaurants to try new foods and different cuisines with which they are not familiar. People are attracted by a good ambience as well as good food. A food service consultant can add immense value creating unique concepts and help entrepreneurs enhance customer experience.


The intelligent diner today is demanding healthy choices. Restaurant consultants can help you design a menu keeping this in mind, highlighting lighter options and allergens. A consultant can also create a master recipe manual, which is a compilation of standardized recipes (SOP’s), required ingredients, portion sizes and detailed production methods. The manual will also have photographs for training purposes which will help you scale up quickly and effectively keeping portions and costs under control. The manual will also include ingredient sourcing and specification from reliable vendors. The point is to deliver reliable and consistent profits.


Most consultants undertake kitchen operating procedures and the location and positioning of your kitchen equipment. So, you can have optimum efficiency in plate to table delivery. The consultant can also give you suggestions on adding supplementary kitchen equipment and organize staff training for using & maintaining the equipment.  They provide guidance on other areas like food handling and safety regulations.


We advise you to visit the websites of consultants to see their range of expertise and experience and their associates and outsourced vendors such as a  design team for creative, logos and collaterals, PR and marketing, brand development and strategy, interior designers, bar innovations, development chef etc.


Food service consultants who are chefs know the challenges you will face so they will be able to advise you properly. In case your restaurant is struggling, they can help you identify the problem areas and find solutions.


The right food consultant is an efficient and cost effective way to a successful food business.  They bring in expertise, knowledge and a fresh and candid approach with no hidden agendas.  It is in their interest to make your business grow.


Vira International has several years of experience working with Entrepreneurs and restaurateurs in conjunction with food consultants, for new projects as well as rejuvenating old businesses.  We would be happy to recommend a reliable and experienced consultant who can assist you in areas you need advice and guidance in. For more details, email  anjum@vira.co.uk !

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