Ways That May Lead to Your Dream Job As a Chef!


Whether you have recently qualified as a chef or have been working as a chef for a few months/years, sometimes you may find yourself seeking better opportunities. Read on for tips on ways to explore various options and find the chef role best suited for you.
You can do this online or as we did in the past in the old traditional way. The internet is what comes to mind immediately and can provide immense help in your search, however there are also some certifiable procedures that you might not have considered.
The first place to begin searching for and inquiring about what positions are accessible to you is on the web. There are various sites, that are popular and proven platforms that are easily accessible and one can explore the plethora of great Chef Vacancies advertised regularly.  Positions and destinations are promoted for a wide range of hospitality positions. Numerous sites allow you to upload your resume, so that potential hiring managers can search for applicants themselves and then contact you. Searching for a chef’s position on the web can open up the likelihood of finding the right job around the world – several chefs exploit the travel opportunities and attain greater culinary skills by taking up roles overseas.  (Simply consider what number of fruitful culinary experts you know of, who have voyaged and returned home with new-innovative thoughts and experience?)
Young graduates trying to get a job locally often overlook a vital asset of their very own placement office in the school they study and graduated from. Do not overlook this resource, as it is a misconception that the placement office only assist currents students, most schools will extend their support to their ex-students. So do bear this in mind as they can certainly be of great help and help you secure a position with good properties and even  5 star hotels, as they are often contacted by Employers , are able to advertise, etc etc…
You should also have the courage to contact employers directly, places that you may perhaps wish to work with, a cafeteria or hotel that you can imagine being employed by? Check out their website and see whether they have any openings in their hotel, or approach them in person, drop your CV in, and enquire about any available opportunities. Remember,  “You will never know unless you ask.”
You could also be slightly more adventurous and do seasonal work. Various resorts, restaurants etc. are open during the peak of their season and have several months when they completely shut down.  This is a great chance to work at a few unique resorts and also stay employed year round. For instance, you could work at a ski resort in the winter and after that a beachside resort or restaurant over the late spring and summer months.
One thing various new chefs forget while seeking their very first real job is the place(s), you may have done your internship at as part of yoru culinary degree. Try and keep in touch with your chef there and then contact them when you graduate to see whether there are any positions they are looking to fill.  One point of preference by applying here is that both you and the business comprehend what’s in store, you know each other and recognize what you are getting into and what the requirements and obligations of the position will be.
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