“I’m already starting to gain great insights as to how the Hospitality industry works”


“Fantastic opportunities, lots of encouragement & superb guidance”



USA Internship Program by Vira International


“I’m already starting to gain great insights as to how the Hospitality industry works”


“Fantastic opportunities, lots of encouragement & superb guidance”


An internship helps tremendously in fast tracking your career growth. It has a great deal to offer and reaping its benefits will bring you substantially closer to perfecting your social and work related skills. In a nutshell, this is what our J1 USA internship program offers aspiring hoteliers.


Experiencing a cross-border work ethic and environment is truly a unique experience. It is not only about being in another country or meeting new people but primarily focuses on what you learn, how you adapt to new cultures and assimilate knowledge, new cuisines, new social customs, new languages and last but not least, enhances your creativity. The USA internship program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for talented students and graduates to experience the best that the world of hospitality has to offer!


Focusing on these advantages, we encourage and support Hospitality institutions in India, the UK & EU to participate in our J1 USA internship program.


Simple Steps to participate in our J1 USA program:


Valid for all hospitality institutions and participants in India, the UK & the EU.


The concerned institution or candidate requires to provide us with the following participant documents:


  • A comprehensive resume accompanied by a recent photograph of the candidate (in word format only)
  • Cover letter
  • Reference letters from previous employers (at least 2)
  • Degree or diploma certificates
  • Mark sheets
  • Passport pages (first and last)
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language (IELTS, TOEFL, SLEP, TOEIC etc.) In the event a candidate does not have this certification, s/he will be required to take a free English assessment test accessible on www.testpodium.com and thereafter forward the results to Vira International.


Once we have received all the applications, an internal candidate evaluation is conducted. Thereafter, details of suitable candidates are forward to our partner hotels in the USA. After the short listing process is completed we will notify the colleges and participants in order to coordinate telephone or Skype interviews. Upon selection, we will share the offer letter, formal job description and details of your remuneration package as well as benefits information received from the future employer.  


This entire process may take between 4-12 weeks, depending upon the job requirements and candidates profile.


For all information and queries, please reach out to us via e-mail at lorraine@virainternational.com


You may also email your referral names with contact details or send your CV to: anjum@vira.co.uk or lorraine@virainternational.com


For additional information please visit our website: www.vira.co.uk

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