Top 5 tips to get the most out of your internship


Accepting an internship abroad is a big step in the advancement of your hospitality career.Internships offer you the chance to develop essential skills for your future and provide you
with the opportunity to experience first-hand the demanding requirements of this sector.


Here are the top 5 ways to make the most of your internship:

1. Find a mentor


It’s natural to feel a little lost when you first begin this exciting journey. One way that you can hit the ground running, however, is to look out for an experienced individual who can mentor you.

Managers have often worked in several countries over many years and have a wealth of experience from which you can draw. Prepare some well-considered questions and seek advice whenever possible.


2. Challenge yourself!


There will be moments during your internships when you will need to ask for guidance, but there will also be plenty of chances to take initiative and illustrate your competency. When you come across a work experience opportunity that is a little outside of your comfort zone consider how it will advance you both personally and professionally.

Hospitality careers are all about looking for workable solutions, so illustrate to your internship programme director that you are capable and hardworking.


3. Embrace new experiences

Taking the time to fully experience the country in which you are interning is not just a benefit to you as an individual but is also helpful for your future career in hospitality. Understanding another nation’s customs and idiosyncrasies will allow you to become a more flexible and empathetic customer service provider. During your internship, work on building your knowledge of the host country and pay attention to the etiquette and communication techniques in that location.


4. Take time to reflect


While building new skills and actively participating in your programme are imperative, it is also crucial to reflect occasionally on what your internship has taught you about your future career. Every week or two, make a note of the aspects of your experience that you have enjoyed the most. For instance, taking a moment to consider what events and challenges you most enjoyed will help you to decide precisely what areas you want to specialise in during your hospitality career.


5. Just ask

Lastly, if there is a responsibility or experience that you would like the chance to take on then simply ask the internship programme director! Managers will welcome an enthusiastic and committed intern who wants to go above and beyond. This attitude not only shows them that you will go above and beyond in your career, but also that your clients will receive this level of care and attention. Hospitality careers offer a wealth of choice and experience, so make the most of your internship programme and you will soon begin reaping the rewards of your hard work and dedication. Don’t wait! Contact Vira International today to speak with a seasoned consultant about your chance to embark on a hospitality training program in the USA!

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