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The Tier 5 Intern is a licensed “Government Authorised Exchange” scheme that provides Certificates of Sponsorship for non-EEA nationals, offering work experience from UK employers. It allows UK employers to recruit the brightest & best talent from overseas, aiming to share knowledge, experience and best practice in UK industry.


Vira International has been recruiting interns for the firms according to their requirements. We have recruited candidates for IT, business, engineering, administration field & group of hotels. We work directly with employers and support them to become the sponsors of the non-EEA interns whom they need to recruit for the internship programme in their company. We understand the importance of looking beyond skills & experience, that’s why we strongly favour internships. Interns coming from different countries bring different work ethics which can be a refreshing experience.


Interns are highly enthusiastic, bringing fresh & innovative ideas on the table proving their capabilities for a long term performance. Internship is the best way to gain practical knowledge and valuable lessons like cultural & social understanding of work place while studying. Internship gives a very valuable exposure to students by allowing them to be a part of the industry & understand the professional way of working.


Key Benefits of Tier 5 Internship for Companies

  • Free of cost service for employers.
  • Talented graduates augment work place with their fresh perception & energy.
  • Pay national minimum wage or more.
  • Guaranteed available resource for 12 month.
  • Employers need not sponsor migrant – Arranged via an overarching body authorised by UKVI (Vira International makes these arrangements.)


Other benefits of having Interns?


Share the load – Interns can help the permanent employees with their work load. This way they can also learn the tasks which will be helpful for them. Interns are committed for a full 12 months (6 Months for Hospitality industry) and can be instrumental in tasks that need stability and continuity. Interns are keen to work on different and varied projects and this enthusiasm can prove to be an efficient support.


Pool of knowledge – Interns coming in from across the globe bring with them skills & knowledge that are different. Their insights prove to be refreshing and while they are in their learning process, they teach us many great things concerned with work ethics and ideas of life, benefiting the company by bringing in new perspective.


Enhance Leadership – Interns will need mentors who can supervise & guide them. The designated supervisor within your organisation can get a chance to develop new skills and learn something in return from the interns. Every intern coming in from different background will apparently be a different challenge. And supervising them will let the supervisors learn and understand the different work ethics and polish their supervisory skills as well. Hosting an international intern will benefit both the intern as well as the host company.


Shape the skills – A company can always put the skills of the intern at their disposal. They can always route their enthusiasm and knowledge in a way that can prove beneficial to the company. It’s like teaching interns to focus all their energy & talent to contribute in their professional and company’s growth. International Internship is a great way to gain experience, develop skills, strengthen resumes, and learn more about the career they wish to pursue.


Participating in this program will have many great advantages:


The Tier 5 of the point Based System, allows students to gain professional training for a maximum period of 12 months. We work with Students as well as fresh graduates and assist them in creating a suitable CV for internship opportunities with companies in their specialized field.


Interns will be able to:


  • Expand their knowledge & abilities.
  • Get trained in most advanced & hospitable countries.
  • Learn new cultures & experiences of life in a different country.
  • Return home country with a broad in-depth knowledge in your professional area.


Being selected for an internship is the most effective way to break into the chosen professional field with the top firms. It’s a great opportunity for all the non-EEA’s to come across with their talents and prove to be resourceful employee for the companies.


Vira International works in partnership with the companies who wish to employ the potential candidates for the opening positions in their companies. The internship is for 12 month commitment from both the end, hence, it’s of utmost importance that the right candidates are matched with right opportunities and also, both, the employer & the intern get a good chance to work together. We currently provide a huge demand of young, bright and enthusiastic, Business, Sales and Marketing, Finance, IT, Customer Service, Engineers, Marketing & Construction post- graduates who are keen to gain experience from UK businesses.



Vira International is here to assist the companies in very possible way, all they need to do is offer interns NMW (at a minimum of 35 hours per week) for a supernumerary position, which is above NVQ Level 3 and we will do the rest.



Any interested companies can directly contact us to participate in this partnership program. Email: anjum@vira.co.uk or karan@vira.co.uk

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