Migrant Change of Circumstances (MCoCs)


Migrant Change of Circumstances (MCoCs)

Sponsored workers in the UK may encounter various changes of events, termed Migrant Change of Circumstances (MCoCs). It is crucial for an “A-rated” sponsor to promptly report these changes to the Home Office via SMS within 10 working days to maintain compliance and avoid potential license issues.

Types of Changes in Migrants Circumstances or Events:

    1. Unapproved Absence:

      Absence without the sponsor’s permission for 10 consecutive working days would require immediate reporting. If a migrant becomes unresponsive, the employer must withdraw the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

      Example: If a migrant has stopped responding to your calls and emails and remains untraceable, the employer should withdraw the CoS.

    2. Worksite Location Changes:

      The change in migrant workers worksite location. This change can be classified in 03 types:

      1. The migrant worker needs to work on a different worksite or location than what has been mentioned on the migrant workers CoS. The migrant worker can work ONLY on the worksite locations which are mentioned on the Sponsor’s Sponsor License.Example: If a migrant worker needs to work at 5 different worksites of the business, firstly, the employer should make sure that all the 5 sites are covered under their company sponsor licence, and, further, an MCOC should be done for reporting the changes made in the working pattern to the Home Office. Only then can the migrant work in all the 5 worksites.
      2. If there is any changes made in the working pattern of the migrant worker, it should be reported to the Home Office in 10 working days.Example: The migrant worker now needs to work remotely from home on a full-time basis, it should   be reported to the Home Office.
    3. The sponsor decides to terminate a worker for any of the below reasons:
      1. The migrant workers visa is refused.
      2. The migrant worker decides not to take up the job role after the visa has been approved.
      3. The migrant worker made the visa application from outside the UK and post visa approval fails to enter the country within 28 days from the date of CoS start date or visa approval date or the Entry Clearance (EC) vignette start date whichever is later without any legitimate reason like serving notice period with the previous employer, emergency, etc.
      4. The migrant worker is on unpaid leave which exceeds four weeks.
        Example: In a situation where a migrant went back to his Home Country due to some medical reasons and has not returned thereafter, it’s the employer’s responsibility to withdraw the Certificate of Sponsorship.
      5. The Home Office notifies of a particular change in the migrant workers’ contract of employment or salary which is not permitted.

Reporting Changes:

It is imperative for sponsors to have updated migrant information and promptly report any changes affecting the working location to the Home Office. This includes working at multiple branches, changing locations, promotions, demotions, or alterations to duties.

Migrant Change of Circumstances is not just a legal obligation but also an ethical responsibility. Navigating these changes responsibly ensures a smoother immigration process and fosters a positive working environment.

We, at Vira International Limited, stress the strict compliance with home Office rules to report MCoCs. immediately, reinforcing our commitment to 100% adherence to legitimate sponsor responsibilities.

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