Is Your CV Ready for the J-1 Program?


Understandably, there’s a lot of competition to get jobs and internships in the US that qualify you for a visa under the J-1 program.


Spending time in America developing your professional skills and wider education can be a golden opportunity. It can also be the start of a career that enables you to work anywhere in the world.

It all hinges on finding an employer willing to validate your place on the J-1 program. In order to find someone to vouch for you, we at Vira International have put together some tools to conquer your first step: The Resume.



Make an impact and be honest with potential employers

To ensure this happens, your cv must be sufficiently impressive. It is also advisable that it makes it clear that you have the skills and experience but need employer support to obtain your J-1 visa. Transparency is preferable to using a US address or any other form of subterfuge.

You will need to stand out from all the other candidates (including US citizens) and show that you deserve to be considered and put through to the next stage of the US recruitment process.

As your cv is going to need to impress US recruiters, it is recommended that you put it into the format they expect. In America, your cv is referred to as your “resume”.



Convert your cv to a resume

This US-style application document should start with a short summary of your career goals and suitability for the post. Then outline your Education, Work Experience, Skills and Achievements, focusing on the more recent and relevant qualifications and jobs.

It’s important to be precise and to the point. Make sure your resume highlights your suitability for each specific vacancy, and no more. A general or vague cv or resume is unlikely to get noticed or be met with sufficient interest. In fact, US resumes are generally only one page in length. Brevity is the buzzword!


Effective layout

The design of your document is also important. The potential employer is going to have little time or attention to read it. This means the layout must be as clear and as easy to scan as possible. Make sure your name and contacts details are up front and central. They certainly will not offer you the job if they need to hunt for your email address. Include a link to such things as your LinkedIn profile too, so they can easily source additional information.




References really matter

For this sort of job application, your references are vitally important. US employers love references, particularly the ones who are willing to support your application for the J-1 program. Getting the right calibre of person and organisation to give you references may mean investing time and preparation well ahead of your application deadline.


Having glowing reports of your suitability as a candidate and good character will go a long way to winning your J-1 visa position. Making a strong first impression through your resume is the first step in wowing an employer, so if you’re thinking of applying for the J-1 program get out your resume now and start editing!

Ready for a second pair of eyes to take a look through your cv? Email anjum@vira.co.uk to get registered for a J-1 program opportunity in the US today!


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