If You Love to Work & Travel, You’ll Love the J-1 Internship!


What is a J1 visa?


The J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. to participate in exchange programs which promote the sharing of knowledge and skills in education, arts and sciences. A J-1 visa holder is allowed to train with a Host Company approved by a Department of State designated Sponsor.


The main aim of J1 Visa is connecting young student and graduates with US businesses, to learn their practices and creating a cultural awareness of the US.


Advantages of a J1 Visa


 As an intern or trainee, you’ll get a unique perspective on living and working in the USA.  A J-1 holder may work for institutions or companies within the individual’s specialized field, provided this work meets stipulated requirements and the J-1 program sponsor gives its written consent.


A J-1 Visa holder is able to experience the lifestyle and culture of the USA as he visits different places on their days off and holidays. The individual is able to strike up friendships and relationships with other International trainees as well as bond with Americans. This social interaction goes a long way in the individual’s personality development, improved social skills and diversity.


Another very important aspect of the J1 experience is the opportunity to be exposed to the newest techniques and trends in their industry. Best in class procedures and practises ensures the person is well versed in modern methods in use.


The overall experience equips a person to optimally leverage their professional talents and enhance their performance and competencies. Thus, the individual has a definite advantage over people with limited diverse geographical experience exposure.


Most people who have experienced the J1 program have a fast-tracked career trajectory on completion of the program. The fantastic chance to travel, learn, earn and network with people from all over the globe is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance no graduate who can avail of it should pass by.

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