How To Make Your Chef CV Stand Out


Having a good CV is vital if you are looking to move on in your career as a Chef; particularly if you want to move countries and experience all the opportunities that this will bring for both you and your family. It is the first thing that your potential sponsor wants to see.


It is not only a document that lists your; skills, work history, education and achievements, it is effectively a key that opens doors to new opportunities within the hospitality industry.


There is much debate as to what makes the perfect CV, but within this debate, there are certain clear factors that ALL employers and recruiters look for when assessing a candidate’s suitability for a role. If you can ensure that your CV engages with all of the 5 points below, you will have a CV that opens many more doors, and will eventually get you that dream Chef role.


Your CV Should Tell A Story




Your CV should tell a story. This is not to say that it should be set out in a set way (we will come to format later), but the whole document should take the reader on a journey, and they should be able see why the role in question is the logical next step in your career journey. Ideally your previous experience, skills and achievements all ‘adding-up’ and making sense related to the role in question.


CV format


For most industries, traditional is best; well formatted and easy to read. Your name and contact details should be on each page and your CV should grab the reader’s attention as soon as they pick it up, so bullet points of your relevant key skills or achievements early on the first page draws people in and invites them to read on. In the UK it is not necessary to add a photograph though you won’t be penalised if you do. In other countries your future employer does like to see a photograph and this can help with your application.




Relevant Skills… with PROOF


Anybody can write down a list of generic key skills on their CV that the job they are applying for requires; many Chefs do. Differentiate yourself by adding proof and what these key skills enabled you to achieve.


In each of your previous roles, if you can demonstrate the skills you were required to use, and how these helped the establishments you worked in that will make you stand out both to us at Vira and also your potential sponsor.


Be honest


This really should go without saying, but you should tell the truth on your CV; #dontlieonyourcv, because chances are you will get found out at some point. Instead, you should make sure your CV, highlights why you should get the job, and promote your relevant skills, qualifications and experience.


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