How To Increase Employee Satisfaction?


An employee’s job satisfaction is the result of a combination of factors including financial remuneration, being part of a positive working environment with productive working relationships and the opportunity to grow and develop. It’s likely that if one or more of these factors is disrupted for an extended period of time, then an employee will look to change jobs.




How can you ensure employees are satisfied in their current role?


Provide a positive working environment


Research reveals that employees spend 92,120 hours of their lives in the workplace so it is crucial that companies optimise their working conditions, so invest good technology that allows employees to complete tasks. It’s also worth provide benefits such as discounted gym memberships and flexible working. Tech giants are great role models when it comes setting a good example of creating a positive working environment, as they offer a number of benefits such as competitive salaries. It’s important to create an open and honest working environment where employees can discuss the positives and negatives.


Reward and recognition


It goes without saying that financial rewards significantly impact job satisfaction levels. Input a process to evaluate employee performance and provide salary increases to top performers. Opportunities to earn special incentives, such as bonuses, extra paid time off or vacations, also bring excitement and higher job satisfaction to the workplace. Employers can demonstrate recognition without offering a monetary reward as personal recognition from a superior can be a powerful tool in building morale and motivation.




Involve and increase employee engagement


Disengaged staff can have a serious negative effect on productivity. More than one in four professionals we surveyed said their company is not effective in keeping workers motivated. To keep employees engaged, you should share company information, define their expectation, be consistent and set a good example from the top.


Develop the skills and potential of your workforce


Employees will be more satisfied with their current role if they have a clear path marked out for career progression, according to new research by New Chapter Consulting. Alongside this, offer new recruits the opportunity to grow their skill set through new courses and educational opportunities and openly discuss advancing skills with employees in reviews and appraisals.




Evaluate and measure job satisfaction


Measuring the satisfaction of customers in the workplace is common practice, but how often do your measure employees’ satisfaction? The measurement of staff experience should be taken more seriously in business as high employee satisfaction drives loyalty, which encourages value, adding to customer satisfaction which promotes customer loyalty, increases investment and therefore top line profitability. In essence, job satisfaction is the first element of the service profit chain and companies must recognise this.



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