How the J-1 Program will change your career path


If you are looking to try a life-changing experience, have you ever considered enrolling in the J-1 program? This opportunity will allow you to become an intern at an established US business to gain practical experience in the academic field of your choice. Job roles vary in sectors such as the arts, business, law and marketing, so there is truly something for everyone.



Are you eligible for the program?

Providing that you are currently studying for a degree, have graduated from university within 12 months of the J-1 program start date or are between 18-30 years old with five years of work experience, this opportunity is very much open to you. You must also be able to speak fluent English and fund yourself throughout the duration of the program. However, as you will be earning on the job, this factor shouldn’t affect your bank balance too much. As you may expect, you will be required to fund your own housing, food and personal expenses for social activities, which we estimate to cost a respectable $800 a month at a minimum, but it would be wise to save up a little more to be on the safe side.


How long does the program last and how many hours will you work?

Typically, the J-1 program lasts between 6 and 12 months dependant on the company’s  policies and how long you wish to stay, which will give you enough time to truly get your teeth sunk into the role. Dependant on the company you will be working for and your chosen field, working hours do vary but will be set at a minimum of 32 per week; which is near enough full-time.



How will the J-1 program benefit your future career?

Many graduates struggle to find work in their chosen field when leaving university and getting their first step on the career ladder can be a challenge. The J-1 Program is beneficial in the sense that you can train in your chosen industry and travel abroad at the same time. During your placement, you will receive professional support from colleagues, be handed once-in- a-lifetime career opportunities and receive expert advice from those currently in the industry. Your placement will certainly increase your chances of gaining a job in your desired field upon your return to the UK, as well as hopefully gaining a greater sense of independence and cultural knowledge for your own personal development. We offer various hospitality programmes which will provide candidates with hands-on experience and fast-track your career within your chosen field. Options include culinary arts, food and beverage or front office management.




If you would like any further information on enrolling in the J-1 program, please visit http://www.vira.co.uk/usa-j1- program/ for extra tips and advice, or email us at anjum@vira.co.uk to speak with one of our trained advisors!



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