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The Home Office has recently announced changes to both the visa schemes supporting Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK and the regulations surrounding care worker visas. These updates aim to provide Ukrainians with greater stability and security while ensuring responsible and compliant practices within the care sector. Let’s explore the key details of these revisions.

Changes to Ukraine Schemes

The Home Office is making changes to support people from Ukraine who seek refuge in the UK. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme (UPE): Ukrainians can now apply for an extra 18 months to stay in the UK after their visa expires.
  2. Changes to Homes for Ukraine (HFU) Sponsorship Scheme: New visas issued under this scheme will now be valid for 18 months instead of 36, to match the UPE. Sponsors for new visas must now be British or Irish citizens or settled in the UK, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  3. Streamlining Entry Routes: All Ukrainian applications will now go through the Homes for Ukraine (HFU) sponsorship scheme. Simultaneously, the Home Office is closing the Ukraine Family Scheme (UFS) to new applications.
  4. Protecting Families and Children: Ukrainian parents can now apply under the HFU scheme to regularise their UK-born children’s immigration status.
  5. Legal Integrity and Security: Certain provisions are being reinstated to ensure the legal integrity of the Ukraine schemes.

Changes to Care Workers and Senior Care Workers

The Home Office is implementing updates to the visa sponsorship process for care workers, aiming to enhance fairness, safety, and regulatory compliance:

  • Sponsorship Eligibility: In England, only employers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can sponsor care workers. This regulation currently applies to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Dependants: Individuals sponsored for care jobs can no longer bring their families with them, except for children born in the UK.

Transitional Arrangements:

Existing care workers within the system can still apply for extensions of stay even if their employers are not CQC registered. Additionally, individuals can bring their families if they switch jobs to a CQC-compliant employer.

These changes aim to create a more sustainable and responsible care worker visa system while prioritising the well-being of both care workers and the communities they serve.

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