Diwali with a difference!


This Diwali will have plenty of Light, we have to light it!

Diwali may not be the same this year, we may not be able to spend times with all our loved ones or any loved ones, we may not be visiting relatives and friends and buying new clothes or jewellery. We are unable to travel and with our pockets being so tight we will have think before we spend. There is still a lot of uncertainty and Covid-19 rules for now, while we try to obey the laws set by our governments, hoping for the best.

Fear not, this year too, we have much to rejoice, every day and yes for Diwali, we will light our lamps this year and say a little prayer, thanking the almighty for the blessings he has bestowed over us and of which we have many. Our families are safe, we have a roof over our heads and I think we all still eat far too much more than we should.. Ha Ha! So let our celebrations not be dictated by what we cannot do, but what we can. Things will get better and the new year will bring hope and joy.

As much as we would like to crowd the streets with our shopping lists, fireworks, get-togethers, this year calls for scaling down and being low- key in our festivities.

Dress up but don’t let the mask down, step out but don’t over-crowd, greet with words not with hugs, shop online and don’t throng the malls – we all need this festival as a reason to celebrate like never before but let’s make sure we stay sensible and safe.

Let this Diwali be more about inward introspection, quality time with family, gratitude for good health and a stronger resolution to overcome this phase with grit and determination.

May this Diwali be the beginning of a bright and beautiful 2021.

Stay safe – Stay healthy – Happy Diwali!

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