Are you eager to experience American culture? The J-1 Program is your ticket abroad!


The USA is a vast and highly diverse country, making it a magnet for young people eager for adventure and enrichment.


Getting over to America might seem like an impossible dream, but thanks to the J-1 Program it can be an exciting reality for those who qualify.


The USA is a vast and highly diverse country

What is the J-1 Program?

It’s quite easy to go to the USA on holiday, however, to work or study in the USA you must have official permission – a specific visa. For many young people, this means applying under the Exchange Visitor Program. You then receive a J-1 Visa. This is a “non-immigration”  visa that enables you to stay for a while in the USA to obtain business training.


USA to obtain business training


The J-1 Visa was created as part of America’s determination to nurture an exchange of ideas between its own students and those from other countries. It’s the perfect opportunity to stay in the States to learn more about the American way of life, develop career skills and improve your English if it’s your second language. That includes

attending universities and colleges offering hospitality courses and participating in job experience schemes.

Types of exchanges it covers

Sometimes J-1 Visas are issued within publicly funded schemes – this is aimed at official International Visitors and Government Visitors. 13 of the 15 categories within the J-1 program are Private-Sector led. This means that the US State Department has authorised over 1,500 non-profit or profit companies and federal, state, and local government bodies to sponsor young people to come to the USA to embark on work or study experiences.


Types of exchanges it covers


How long can you stay in the USA on a J-1 Visa?

It depends on the training program, but it can range for several weeks to a few years.

What sort of work and study is covered?

The J-1 program is a gateway to many work and study opportunities in the US. This includes, for example, camp counsellors, au pairs, teachers, and specialists in the hospitality industry, and those training via colleges, universities or company schemes.


The options are many and varied. They are currently being enjoyed by over 300,000 foreign visitors from 200 countries every year; people like you who want to soak up American culture and gain valuable skills.


The J-1 program is a gateway to many work and study opportunities in the US


The starting point is to find a “sponsor”– one of the authorised organisations referred to above.If you would like more information about the application process and opportunities under the J-1 program, contact the team of reputable staff at Vira International! Email anjum@vira.co.uk to kickstart your future in the USA!

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