Addressing staff shortages with sponsor licenses


The UK’s staff shortage problem

Staff shortages have become a huge problem for businesses across the UK in a number of sectors, from hospitality to healthcare to logistics. In fact, the UK has announced record levels of job vacancies, with 1.22 million open job positions between September and November. With so many obstacles already overcome, having to reduce opening hours due to staff shortages is a blow many businesses just can’t take at the moment. With too many jobs and not enough people, forward-thinking businesses have been considering acquiring new recruits through sponsor licenses.

What is a sponsor license?

A sponsor license is a way that companies can hire workers from outside the UK, by proving they can provide genuine employment. In order to work in the UK, individuals must be able to prove they have a genuine job offer in the UK, plus a number of other factors, like the ability to read and write English. If you haven’t recruited staff from overseas before or you are unsure of the new regulations, it’s important to work with a visa consultant like Vira International to guide you through the process.

The impact on businesses

The current lack of staff in the UK has had a number of knock-on effects for companies who are trying a wide range of tactics to recruit. Hiring, training and on boarding new staff can also be a big investment, so it’s crucial that staff will stay. Businesses are also having to increase pay and conditions in order to attract new workers, with staff shortages making it impossible to operate at maximum capacity.

Finding the right staff for your business

After Brexit and the pandemic, businesses from hotels to factories to farms have been struggling with a lack of staff so it’s important to get ahead and consider recruiting from overseas. There are millions of talented individuals around the world who would love to work in the UK, so finding enthusiastic and motivated staff can be far easier. Many businesses need international staff and as travel restrictions ease, it’s an important time to embrace the opportunity to hire from abroad.

Get in touch

If your business needs more staff, at Vira International we can guide you through the whole sponsor license process, so you can access a global workforce and find the perfect new members for your team. Call our immigration consultants in London today on 020 8863 5811.

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