7 Traits to Consider in Choosing the Right Recruitment Consultant


Over the past few years, an increasing number of individuals have turned to initiating their career progression via placement and recruitment consultants. This trend has resulted in an exponential increase in demand for empathetic, focused and professional consultancy organizations. Invariably, candidates face the challenge of finding a placement consultant who is best suited to providing them with the optimal palette of professional services they seek.


More often than not, owing to the high volume of responses to published job vacancies, a candidate’s resume is inadequately screened by prospective employers resulting in arbitrary solicitant rejections, an extremely demotivating and frustrating experience from a candidate’s perspective.


Connecting with the right placement and recruitment consultant ensures these pitfalls are avoided as well as substantially reduces the time taken for you to be successfully placed.


Thus, finding the right consultant is very often the differentiator between failure and success!



7 Traits of a Good Recruitment and Placement Consultant


To assist in your quest of finding the best recruitment and placement organization for your needs, we have listed 7 very important, tried and tested traits which are intrinsic to a good consultancy practice.


  1. Genuine interest and empathy towards you


In today’s world of ever changing values and business practices many consultancies maintain very limited human contact with a candidate and invariably people are converted to statistics and eventually relegated to a number, thus negating the essence of individual personalities, traits and talents


A good recruitment consultant is where you are treated as the unique individual that you are, a person who is fully understood, guided, coached, supported and mentored at all stages of achieving your goal of securing a new professional appointment.


  1. Deep domain knowledge


Essential to a good recruitment and placement consultancy is an outstanding and consistently current knowledge of the employment landscape and related market dynamics, a team of insightful professionals who are sensitive to the nuances of finding the best job match for a candidate with the minimum amount of lead time.


  1. Understanding and fulfilling the candidate’s requirements


A large percentage of individuals who have inadequately researched and thereafter endeavored to leverage some form of placement services feel they were overpromised and underdelivered. An exaggeration of available opportunities is common feedback.


A good consultancy firm will provide you with a realistic, fact based market analysis of your job opportunities, as well as challenges, if any exist.  An in-depth discussion and deep understanding of your requirements are the building blocks to successful placement. Empty promises and forward looking statements are forbidden territory, thus ensuring the candidate has an absolutely correct picture of their employability, expected time frame and the optimal way going forward.


  1. Provides sound advice


Of paramount importance to every candidate is that they be guided truthfully, realistically and competently. A good placement consultant will be forthcoming with stable, realistic, balanced practical advice which is applicable to you obtaining successful employment. In no situation and under no circumstances would you be misguided or misrepresented.


  1. Managing your goals, hopes and ideals


In today’s multi-faceted world, being the custodian and maintaining a crystal-clear comprehension of your goals, their practicality and how to realistically achieve them is an invaluable function of a good placement consultant. Anchoring you and supporting your endeavor in a positive manner is the key to achieving your professional success.


  1. Open answers to your questions


The hallmark of a good placement consultant is an open dialogue based on mutual respect, a keen understanding of your requirements and clear unambiguous responses to any and every query you may pose. This is the greatest enabler in your professional journey seeking fruitful and stimulating employment.


  1. Responding promptly to your queries


Clear, timely responses from a consultant to any queries a candidate may have is very often the defining factor in the trust, satisfaction and placement success of a candidate. A good recruitment consultant always maintains an excellent rapport with the candidate and responses are quick, explanatory and knowledge based.

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