5 Reasons Why a Training Experience at Soho House New York Will Sky-Rocket Your Career


Soho House was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club for those in the creative industries to share ideas, comfort, and workspace. Soho House has since expanded to include locations across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas and hotels.


Soho House New York is in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Covering six floors, it is built over 45,000 square feet of an old warehouse building. The club offers extensive facilities, among them are the Restaurant, Club Bar, Drawing Room, Pantry Bar, a 44-seat cinema and a heated rooftop pool. In addition, Soho House New York holds 26 bedrooms – each individually designed.


Soho House hasn’t found its claim to fame through its numbers and bespoke spaces alone, however. Here are 5 reasons why Soho House New York will sky-rocket your career long after you have completed your training:


It Will Increase Your Cultural Awareness

1. It Will Increase Your Cultural Awareness

Soho House New York is in the heart of the Meat-Packing District, home to an array of praised food markets such as Chelsea Market, and art galleries boasting some of the most striking modern and contemporary American pieces, like The Whitney Museum. In the last twenty years, designers, restaurateurs, architects and stylists have all migrated to this “24-hour neighborhood”. A place of evolution, this district will introduce you to international cuisine, people, and experiences!

2. It Is a Global Phenomenon

Soho House has evolved to include cinemas, restaurants and even a range of furniture for members who want to “take the House home”. There are now Soho Houses located in the UK, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, New York, West Hollywood, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. Its locations have become hotspots for young entrepreneurs, and is a perfect setting for eager-to-learn trainees like yourself to get a taste of a global brand!


It Serves Some of the Finest American Fare

3. It Serves Some of the Finest American Fare

Head Chef Wes Whitsell is 100% “Americana” and 100% risk-taker. His American roots lay the foundation for his soulful comfort food, yet his cutting-edge ideas have led him to serve plates of squirrel and frog alongside seasonal fare. Southern American cuisine with a twist is the new modern in the U.S., and you will get a front row seat to the creation and implementation of such ideas!


Its Rooms and Events Will Test and Expand Your Skillset

4. Its Rooms and Events Will Test and Expand Your Skillset

With the fourth and fifth floors of Soho House holding private hire spaces; the Club Room, Screening Room and Library, you will gain exposure to a variety of party sizes and spaces. From tending to workspaces, cinema dining, and spa dining for example, you will gain a breadth of knowledge incomparable to other hotels. Soho House is a space for celebration, luxury, and international collaboration. There will never be a dull moment!


What’s Happening in the U.S. Hospitality Industry and Why It Matters

5. What’s Happening in the U.S. Hospitality Industry and Why It Matters

Soho House is a benchmark in the current hospitality industry in the U.S. American hotel brands and owners are revitalizing their mission and method on how to best create not just a destination, but an experience, for their guests. The following factors are currently at play in the U.S., and, specifically, Soho House New York:


  • Catering to millennials
  • Waves of international visitors and staff
  • Emphasis on health and well-being
  • Unique perks
  • Seamless service
  • Home away from home
  • Search for the weird and wonderful

A training experience at Soho House New York will push your limits on what you thought you knew about food, service, and hotel spaces. You will leave as an expert in the most coveted factors in making a hotel thrive. And when you return home, you will take these skills and experiences with you to share and teach to other parts of the world.


How Vira International Will Help You Get There

How Vira International Will Help You Get There

Ready to be a part of the change? We help our candidates polish and prepare their applications, while dealing with all the paperwork required to obtain the adequate visa. We will prepare you to successfully interview and wow Soho House New York, and once you have received an offer letter we will create a training plan detailing your training in each department. Once we have all the necessary paperwork, you will apply for your visa, with our help of course! The entire process will take between 6 to 8 weeks.


We take the stress out of applying for a visa so that you can start planning your top-10 must-see sights in New York City! This opportunity is too extraordinary to miss, so let us help you sky-rocket your career with a training experience at Soho House New York!


See below for details on how to contact us and learn more today!


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