3 of the Best Family Friendly Restaurants in London!


Looking for a place to eat? Or perhaps, just curious as to what the top restaurants in London are. Nevertheless, feast your eyes upon the goodness of what our list has to offer, and why not head down to one if you ever find yourself roaming around the big city.


1) Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas is a restaurant that lives for food and flawlessly manages to bring it alive with an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy. They unload boxes of top-quality, fresh British produce and are armed with a plethora of skilled Chefs of whom carefully source ingredients from around the world, to conjure delicious authentic South American food, made with passion, love and lots of Latin Magic.




Las Iguanas is an adventure. You’ll discover new tastes, and fall in love with new favourites – and feel the warmth and welcome of South America. – http://www.iguanas.co.uk/


2) YO! Sushi


YO! Sushi managed to bring the traditional Japanese “kaiten” (conveyor belt) sushi to London in 1997 and now they have grown to over 90 restaurants around the world, with plenty more planned for the future.





They serve over 100 different dishes using the freshest ingredients to over 6 million guests each and every year. Click HERE to check them out.


3) Wagamama


“‘Kaizen’, meaning ‘good change’ is the philosophy that sits right at our heart. It shapes every dish we create, and pushes us to find better ways in all that we do. We’re restless spirits. Forever creating and making things better.


We’ve been practicing kaizen since 1992, when we opened our first doors in London’s Bloomsbury. Inspired by fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars and a celebration of Asian food, Wagamama burst into life.





We set out to create a unique way of eating. Bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavours of Asia to all. That was 20 years ago now. Two whole decades to sharpen skills and refine recipes. To play with spices and discover tastes. We continue to get better with every day.” – https://www.wagamama.com/



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