Osika Neupane

Immigration Consultant

Osika joined Vira International in June 2022, following eight years of work in both Nepal and the United States. Throughout her early career, she worked in communications, HR, sales, and marketing, focused on providing support for new businesses, strategy planning, team management, and customer service. Osika also has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in marketing and communications.

At Vira International, she works closely with clients to prepare sponsor licence applications and provide HR and compliance advice to the sponsors. She also works as a caseworker for in-country Skilled Worker visa and other ‘further leave to remain’ applicants. Osika joined the Vira team because it was the level-up she was looking for due to her experience working in HR (which itself followed her career in beauty pageants when she even represented her home country of Nepal at Miss Intercontinental 2013!).