HR and Compliance Manager

Angus joined Vira International in June 2021 as Manager – HR Compliance and Audit. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong and his major is Psychology. Prior coming to the UK, Angus held different leadership positions in Human Resources, such as LKK Health Products Group, Damco/Maersk Group, ITT Inc, etc. He has vast exposure of business practices in Asia, with also knowledge in Europe and US. His deliveries do not sit only in ordinary Human Resources management, but also with a focus in client-side success. There are some projects highlight in new market expansion, e-commerce business plan design, organisation design and efficiency improvement, employee engagement program and high-volume recruitment, which suit the strategic development of the business. He will help our clients to examine the HR processes and systems which are healthy for hiring a migrant worker, he could also decide customised training to the management and HR team for better preparation of business.