Could teaching in the US be your next big career step?


Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. With job satisfaction and stability, it is a truly specialised, enjoyable and impressive career. Another benefit to becoming a teacher is that everywhere needs them – every country on the planet requires teachers, so you really can go anywhere with your skills.

The United States of America offers a diverse teaching landscape, with a range of schools run by different organisations. Public schools, private schools an state schools mean that whether you want to help disadvantaged children or make the most of state of the art facilities, there is a teaching role for you. And working in the US brings with it competitive salaries, a fantastic lifestyle and a wealth of opportunities to learn.

Whether you’re at the very start of your career or looking for progression, time abroad can really make your resume stand out. Here are four skills that you can gain from time teaching abroad.




1. Adaptability

As a teacher, being able to change and adapt is crucial. Whether it’s changing lesson plans to fit with big world events or adapting to a new age of students, a new curriculum or a new boss, it’s crucial you can smoothly transition without allowing children’s education to be affected. What better way to prove you are a highly adaptable person than to move to a new culture and location?




2. Confidence

Moving to a new job, town, country and culture proves you have confidence in your own ability to fit in and thrive. This confidence is crucial for leadership roles such as headships and senior leadership. If you are looking to progress your career then it’s extremely important to be confident communication with all types of people and moving to a new country certainly proves that you are just that.




3. Knowledge

By spending time abroad you will develop new knowledge in different education philosophies, systems and belief, as well as wider subject knowledge as each country (and state), has its own curriculum. This knowledge will be invaluable wherever you choose to go next, whether developing a longer-term international teaching career or seeking progression back at home after a year abroad.


Cultural sensitivity

4. Cultural Sensitivity

We are all aware of the diverse world we are living in and when educating children, cultural sensitivity is crucial. Spending time abroad will show that you are able to be sensitive to a variety of cultural needs and beliefs. This is important no matter which school you teach at and will set you up well for leadership roles in the future.

With so many teachers out there, standing out from the crowd can be challenging, especially when reaching for leadership roles. Time abroad will no doubt help you to stand out and reach your full potential as a teacher.

For more information on how to apply for Teach USA program, email your CV to anjum@vira.co.uk !

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