Tier 5 FAQ

  • Who can apply for an Internship in the UK?


    You may participate in the UK Tier 5 Internship program if you are currently enrolled in a Degree program or have recently graduated. (Your Internship MUST start within 12 Months of your graduation.) You will need to email your CV or call one of our consultants at our offices in India (Mumbai, Goa or Siliguri) or our office in London, UK.


  • How long will the process take?


    From the time we receive all your documents, to the time of your Interview and until we complete the sponsorship application to the time you depart for the UK,it can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks.


  • What pay can I expect and what will be the number of hours that I will work?


    Contracts vary from company to company, but the minimum remuneration will at least or above the NMW (National Minimum Wage), which is current £6.50 per hour and will rise to £6.70 per hour, from October 2015.

    Your average working week will be around 32 – 40.


  • Is accommodation provided?


    Your host company (Employer in the UK) will normally arrange a weeks accommodation, however this is not a guarantee. Vira International will assist you in finding suitable temporary accommodation for you for the first 2 weeks. It is then your responsibility to make housing arrangements after that time.


  • Can my spouse/partner go with me?


    Spouses/partners and/or children under the age of 18 who wish to accompany or join you will need to make a separate application as your dependants.


  • Can I extend my Tier 5 Visa?


    The Tier 5 Visa is not extendable beyond the maximum program duration of 12 months.(6 Months for Hospitality Interns).


  • What are the stages of the application process?


    Stage 1


    After receiving your application we will assess your application and forward your details to suitable Companies and Businesses, and arrange an interview.


    Stage 2


    Once you have been advised that your application is successful, we will arrange your telephone or Skype interview with your prospective employer. Vira International Ltd. will notify you of the date, time, and relevant information for your interview. This process will take 4-8 weeks to ensure we have secured the right Internship for you.


    Stage 3


    Once your interview is successful, Vira International Ltd will send you a Letter of Offer, your internship-training plan, including details of your stipend&any other benefits information from the employer, if applicable. You will need to sign & send us the Letter of Offer
    and Training Plan to confirm you accept the internship. Once we have received this we will arrange your Tier 5 Sponsorship (work permit), your health and travel insurance etc.


    Stage 4


    We will send you the Certificate of Sponsorship or COS, Insurance details and your application for your entry clearance along with your Visa appointment details. The UK Consulate does not always require you to attend an Interview prior to granting your Visa, but in some cases they may send you a request to attend in person.Your Passport with the endorsed Visa will be posted back to you.

    You need to pay applicable Visa fee directly to the VFS in the country of your residence or you may pay us so that we can apply directly on your behalf before fixing your appointment.


    Stage 5


    Once you have received your passport back from the UK embassy, with your visa stamped, you will need to confirm your joining date and make travel arrangements.


    To register your interest or for more information email gauri@vira.co.uk or Karan@vira.co.uk