Excellent Teachers Train Future Leaders

Vira Can Equip Your School With Talented Teachers From Across the Globe

Good schools hire the most talented teachers.

Imparting knowledge to students in comprehensive ways is a sought-after skill, and the increasing demand for trained educators in the UK has called for schools to recruit more talent from the global sphere.

Why Look Outside Your Country?

Global society is quickly moving towards the technological age. Given our reliance on scientific advancement, especially in cyberspace, the study of STEM fields has taken centre stage.

As such, schools in the UK are now looking for teachers who are qualified in Science and Math. Educators with expertise in these subjects can be recruited from around the world and can take up employment in the UK through a Tier 2 visa.

Points to Remember

Points to Remember

There is no shortage of brilliant teachers. But if you are looking to hire some from abroad, questions about immigration in the UK can result in confusing answers if you don’t seek the right guidance.

At Vira International, our team of visa consultants works with you and the teachers you are looking to recruit, making sure that the latter’s transition to your school is smooth.

For further assistance, and step by step guidance in welcoming teachers from overseas, please contact our team today.