Smooth Sails for Sole Representatives

Vira’s UK Visa Consultants Aid Overseas Business Representatives Enter Britain

Suppose you are employed with a company outside the UK and are tasked with setting up its commercial presence in Britain. In that case, you can visit the country through a representative of overseas business visa.

As the sole representative of your company, when you embark upon your journey to the UK, it is understandably a considerable responsibility to address all relevant factors that can help you secure your visa. After all, your employer is counting on you to get the job done.

Sole representative visa

Criteria for Sole Rep Visa

To be eligible for a sole rep visa, you must demonstrate that:

  • You hold a senior position within your company
  • Are trained to fulfil the role you are being sent to represent
  • The headquarters of your company will remain outside the UK
  • Your company has not previously done business in the UK

Vira’s Promise

Our UK visa consultants understand that when you are the only one amongst your team applying for immigration, it can be perplexing.

You should not fret, though because we have a history of helping sole reps make their way into the UK.

With assistance ranging from advising you on how to start your application, to aiding you in checking that your company does not have pre-existing ties to the UK, our consultants are at your service to answer all your queries.

Talk to us today to determine whether you are eligible to apply for this visa.