Britain Bids Farewell to the EU – What Now?

Vira Answers Questions about ‘EU nationals in the UK’ in Light of England’s Departure from the

With Britain leaving the EU, questions about UK citizenship and immigration are on the rise.

Freedom of Movement will effectively end on 31st December 2020. In the aftermath of this change, EU nationals and their families who wish to remain in England after 30th June 2021 must apply for settled or pre-settled status before this date.

Settlement Visa for EU Citizens
Learn About the New Landscape

Learn About the New Landscape

Vira International is well aware of the confusion that plagues everyone at this time, especially when it comes to originating from the EU but wanting to stay settled in the UK.

With this in mind, our consultants are eager to answer your questions regarding your status in the country and how to gain permanent residence in the UK.

For your convenience, we can review if you are eligible for settled or pre-settled status and also assist you as you undertake the application process online.

The sooner you resolve your Brexit queries regarding your status as a resident in the UK, the more peace of mind you will be able to acquire. Get a head start and seek guidance by connecting with our team today.