Non EU Staff

Over the years Vira International has built a solid reputation in providing a number of UK hospitality businesses with migrant as well as resident workers. It is not always possible to find a suitable recruit from within the UK and in such circumstances we will assist you fill the vacancies that you may have in your organization with Non- EU Staff, who are already in the UK on a Tier2 General visa or a work permit.


Most chefs on the Tier 2 Visa stay on with UK businesses playing a key role in the company’s growth and expansion and in turn have themselves developed their careers successfully resulting in promotion. Companies who wish to recruit a candidate already on a Tier 2 Visa and residing in the UK will be supported through the process and Vira International will ensure all the necessary UKBA compliance requirements are met. We will also assist in submitting the necessary application to ensure the Visa is transferred appropriately to the new employer.

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