J1 Intern In USA FAQ

  • How do I apply for an Internship in USA?


To ensure that your application is processed efficiently and quickly please e-mail the following documents to sonali@vira.co.uk/ suchita@vira.co.uk or one of the other Vira consultants.


Detailed resume with photo (in word format only)

Cover letter

Reference letters from previous employers (at least 2)

Degree or diploma certificates

Mark sheets

Photo passport page

Certificate in English proficiency (TOEFL, SLEP, TOEIC etc.) If you do not have any, you will be required to take a free English assessment test accessible on www.testpodium.com and send your result to us.


  • How long will the process take?


From the time we receive all your documents, sponsorship application forms to the time you depart to USA it can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks.


  • What is the pay and working hours?


Contracts vary from property to property, but the minimum remuneration is $7.00-$8.00 per hour + (plus gratuity for F&B) and $9.00 to $11.00 Per hour + (front office, culinary).

Your average working week will be around 32 – 45 hours depending on the property; however any additional hours over 40 Hours will be compensated at the applicable overtime rates.


  • Is accommodation provided?


The host company provides the accommodation for the first 1 or 2 weeks. It is then your responsibility to make housing arrangements after that time. Assistance will be provided to find you accommodation that is reasonable and in a safe location.


  • What are the stages of the application process?


Stage 1


After receiving your application we will do required assessment of the application and forward your details to major hotels in the USA for an interview.


Stage 2


Once you have been advised that your application is successful, we will arrange your telephone interview with your prospective employer. Vira International Ltd will notify you of the date, time, and relevant information for your interview. This process will take 4-12 weeks to secure the right Job.


Stage 3


Once your interview is successful, Vira International Ltd will send you a Letter of Offer, job description (training plan), and details of your pay & benefits information from the employer. You will need to sign & send us the following:


• Letter of offer

• Training Plan


You will then need to mail the signed documents and once we have received all of this along with any balance amount that you need to pay us for your fees, we will arrange your USA sponsorship (work permit), Medical, Dental, and Travel cover & SEVIS (INS).


Stage 4


We will send you the Sponsorship (work permit) documentation DS-2019, Medical Coverage & SEVIS fee paid invoice, which will enable you to secure a J-1 Visa for USA from your nearest US Embassy.

All US consulates require that you physically travel and attend an interview with the Visa officer to secure a J-1 Visa. This process might take 3 to 7 days to issue a Visa. Your Passport with the endorsed Visa will be posted back to you.

You need to pay applicable Visa fee directly to the US Embassy at the time of securing your J-1 Visa.


  • What documents shall I take for my Visa appointment?


Applicants must demonstrate to the consulate officer that they have binding ties to a residence in a foreign country which they have no intention of abandoning, and that they are coming to the US for a temporary period.


  • Can my spouse/partner go with me?


Spouses and/or children under the age of 21 who wish to accompany or join the principal visa holder in the United States for the duration of his/her stay require derivative J-2 visas.


The spouse can work after obtaining the permission in advance from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and when there is no need for financial support of the principal J-1 Visa holder.


  • Can I extend my J-1 Visa?


J-1 Visa is not extendable beyond the maximum program duration of 12 months. You will be also a subject to a 2 years rule, which says that J-1 Visa holders are required to reside in their home country for 2 years following completion of their program before they can be granted an entry to US on J-1 Visa again.


  • Can I be transferred to another property while being in the US?


The transfer is possible only in exceptional circumstances and only with permission of your legal sponsor in the US.


  • What would happen if my employment were terminated?


If your employment were terminated, you would become out- of status and have 30 days from the effective date of termination to depart the United States.


  • How long am I permitted to stay in the U.S. after my Program has ended?


You are permitted to stay for additional 30 days than the initial admission specified on DS-2019 form, for a purpose of travel. The 30-day grace or travel status period is intended to be a period following the end of the exchange visitor’s program and is to be used for domestic travel and/or to prepare for and depart from the U.S., and for no other purpose.


To register your interest or for more information email gauri@vira.co.uk or karan@vira.co.uk