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  • Why host an intern?


UK businesses be it an IT, Insurance, accountancy or law firm, construction and building companies or a group of hotels, the UK trades with an International clientele. A team of multi national and multi cultural staff from outside the EU states can add immense value to the company and its team of permanent employees.


  • What benefits do Interns bring to Host companies?


• Interns are self - motivated and bring increased productivity. They are young, enthusiastic and eager to prove themselves. They are committed for the term of their internship and work hard at completing their tasks, quickly and efficiently. Interns are keen to work on different and varied projects.


Productivity rise: Interns can help relieve workload of the company’s permanent employees. They are committed for full 6 months and can be instrumental in tasks that need stability and continuity. Interns can be a crucial support to the staff members.


Fresh ideas and new perspectives: Interns come with skills knowledge and experience from different corners of the world through evolving global education. They have new ideas, insights, and processes that will benefit the workforce and the working environment of your company.


Promote leadership within your organisation: All interns will need supervision and mentors. The designated supervisor for your Interns can themselves develops new skills in leadership and management. Thus hosting an international intern will benefit both the intern a s well as the host company.


• Internships give an employer the opportunity to shape and mould the skills most sought after for the company.


Encourage students: Students are grateful for and feel encouraged when they do an international Internship to gain experience, develop skills, strengthen their resumes, and learn more about the field they want to pursue a career in.


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