Host An Intern UK FAQ

  • What do we need in order to participate as a Host Company?


    You will need be a registered UK company and be able to offer an Internship that is at or above NQF Level 3, and a supernumerary position.


    Companies will be required to provide:


    • A training plan for the Interns for the period of their training.

    • Designate a supervisor for the term of the internship.


  • What are the skill and qualifications of an International Intern?


    Most Interns are either currently pursuing a university degree or have recently graduated from their degree course or an MBA. Students that have completed an MBA will have a few years of industry experience.


  • What is the nationality of these interns?


    Our interns are Indians, Filipinos, South Koreans etc..


  • Do the interns speak fluent English?


    All our Interns have completed all their education in English. They communicate fully in English and this is one of the requirements for them to secure a Visa under the Tier 5 Program.


  • When can we take in interns?


    We recruit Interns round the year, and typically the process can take between 6 to 8 weeks from the time you conduct a Telephone or Skype Interview to the time they secure their visa and join you. It is therefore useful to plan ahead based on the time you wish that Intern joins you.


  • How many hours a week is an Intern allowed to work?


    The Interns expect to have a minimum of 32 hours per week.


  • What visa will the Interns be on while in the USA?


    The Interns will be on the Tier 5 GAE (Government Authorised Exchange 0 Scheme of the UK points based system).


  • Will the company need to sponsor the Intern?


    No the company does not need to sponsor the intern, we work with designated sponsors and take care of the documentation and visa formalities.


  • Do the Interns have to be paid?


    Yes Interns will have to be paid at a rate similar to that of other workers at the same level.


  • Is the company expected to house the Interns?


    If the company has staff accommodation it will help the Interns tremendously if housing can be provided, however Interns do not expect this and will be quite happy if initial accommodation is provided for the first week or two.


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