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Culinary Management vs. Culinary Art

  • May 2016
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culinary art vs managment

Culinary Management
Culinary management works behind the scenes and manages the kitchen, venue and facility. Culinary managers take care of daily tasks of dining establishments including kitchen management, working with chefs to create an array of menu options, promoting good customer relations, managing supplies in the kitchen and overseeing general upkeep of the restaurant.
This programme covers restaurant management and culinary business. Students here also study about:
Contemporary/Modern Cuisine
Being up-to-date with latest food trends is of utmost importance, in order to manage a restaurant successfully. This subject gives extensive awareness about the emerging trends in cooking and provides better understanding of fine dining.
Managing Dining Rooms
Dining room operations have various aspects, hence, students are trained on how to manage this room efficiently. And this includes managing the chefs, servers, and the rest of the staff working in the dining & kitchen area. This not only teaches students to work best with available resources but also generates capabilities to obtain bigger profits.
Management of Food Service
This is where one learns to manage food costing and other relevant areas of food service. By learning good strategies, the students are able to rise above all the challenges related to food service management.
For a profitable food business, students are given some knowledge of accounting. As a culinary management degree holder, there's a chance that restaurants may give the task of handling taxes and balancing the books. Hence, this is one of the important skill to learn.
Culinary Arts
Culinary art is an exciting field and can prove to be a very successful career. Food is something that draws the love and appreciation of every person. It is something that adds soul in everyday life. Culinary art gives a wide spectrum where students can concentrate on cooking delectable meals, creating new recipes, and making luscious fancy desserts. It’s all about being innovative and offering ‘amazing’ on the table.
This field is deemed to be both science and art. It’s a multi-faceted turf, allowing students to test and enhance their cooking skills and most importantly, learn to acknowledge the trend and immerse in it.  When it comes to culinary arts cooking curriculums, there are courses designed for students to acquire a certificate/degree in this field. The programs help students to develop their cooking talents and boost their passion, in order to create a successful career out of it.
There are many careers to explore after earning a culinary arts degree:
  • Chef (private, executive, or fine dining)
  • Baker
  • Desserts or pastry chef
  • Food and beverage director
Eventually, be it culinary management or art, both field offers loads of benefits for students who would like to delve into the art and science of food preparation and other relevant areas. Both careers will never go out of fashion, seeing the trend of rising dining & cuisine industry. The best piece of advice for students looking up to make a great career in either of these – ‘join a good institute’. As an institute can have a great impact on culinary career.

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