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Our Consultants Explain the Basics of the Subclass 407 Training Visa

Going abroad is not just fun. It also brings forth opportunities offering valuable experience through cultural exchange.

If you want to benefit from an enriching, and colourful foreign environment, an internship in Australia may be the perfect way to manifest your dreams into reality. However, to secure entry into the country, you will require a subclass 407 training visa.

407 Visa Australia
The 407 Basics

The 407 Basics

Once you are granted a 407 visa, the following avenues open up for you in Australia:

  1. Occupational training activities at different Australian professional organisations
  2. Participation in professional development programs across Australia
  3. A temporary stay in the country for up to 2 years

Note that you will only be granted a visa once you have secured sponsorship or are nominated or invited to the country if your sponsor is not a Commonwealth Government Agency.

You must also fulfil the necessary English language, health, and character requirements to be eligible for the visa.

Our Advice

If you are setting out to pursue an internship in Australia for the first time, you might be wondering how to proceed, especially with regards to the relevant eligibility criteria.

At Vira, we understand the importance of doing your research before applying for a visa. With global partnerships and an international presence, we can help you get to Australia in no time. Connect with our team for assistance and let us help you out!

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