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Is Your CV Ready for the J-1 Program?

Understandably, there's a lot of competition to get jobs and internships in the US that qualify you for a visa under the J-1 program.


Spending time in America developing your professional skills and wider education can be a golden opportunity. It can also be the start of a career that enables you to work anywhere in the world.

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J-1 Chef Spices Up Cape Cod!

J-1 Chef Spices Up Cape Cod!

As an American who grew up spending every few summers watching the sunset on Martha's Vineyard while digging into a seafood sandwich of some sort, I can successfully say that a J-1 trainee bringing something as different as Indian food to this Massachusetts island on the East Coast of the USA is no small feat.        


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J1 Internship Team

Internships in USA

Are you looking for a really fun and an extremely educational experience that will be a strong starting point for the rest of what will hopefully be... Read More